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Office for contemporary murals

Murals Inc. is dedicated to exploring the importance and impact of mural art in today's rapidly changing world.

Murals Inc. explores the intersection between established wall art and street painting.

Where previous generations of artists have blazed a trail, a young generation urban artists is taking art and culture to new heights. Movements and styles are (re)mixed, popular culture coexists with established wall art, but are also combined.

By a rotating exhibition program with the mural as the undisputed centerpiece, you get to see the best at Murals Inc.


Public transport

Tramlijn 32, tramway stop Vuurplaat, 10-minute walk. Bus line 66, stop Persoonsdam, 1-minute walk.

Water taxi

Line: 24. stop: Piekstraat. Zone: Oost. Reserve a ticket through this link