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About Murals Inc.

Murals Inc. is a renowned art platform for contemporary wall paintings. Located in our spatial exhibition space at Piekstraat 31 in Rotterdam, we showcase a rotating exhibition program featuring (inter)national mural painters, including established artists specializing in murals and a new generation of street artists. Each exhibition focuses on a central theme, providing insights into artistic movements, painting styles, genres, and current developments in mural art, emphasizing conceptual frameworks. In our exhibition space, we provide mural painters with the opportunity to engage with exhibition concepts specifically tailored to the medium. We also offer them increased visibility within the established art circuit and initiate challenging projects at external locations.

Why Murals Inc.?

Mural art is currently undergoing significant developments. Various (sub)movements have emerged rapidly, each expressing itself differently within the contemporary art discourse. Moreover, an increasing number of mural painters from the street circuit are finding their way into the established art scene, resulting increasingly genre-transcending work. However, there is still insufficient platform provided for these exciting and autonomous developments occurring globally within mural art, which remain relatively unseen locally (in Rotterdam and its surroundings) as well as nationally. Murals Inc. provides insight into and conducts research on the evolution of the medium, aiming to offer a deeper perspective on mural art. Murals Inc. achieves this deeper perspective by highlighting the vast diversity and versatility of the rapidly evolving genre of mural art through its activities as an art platform. This offering is not exhaustive but serves as research to elucidate the artistic developments occurring within the medium.

Team and External Collaborators

Murals Inc. Foundation consists of a diverse core team of freelancers and external parties with whom we closely collaborate.

— Marleen van Wijngaarden (founder, artistic director and director-manager) / / LinkedIn
— Lotte van den Bergh (projectmanager) / / LinkedIn
— Iris Hagel (production manager) / LinkedIn
— Elias Atmani (production manager street projects)
— Indra Gleizde (production assistant)
— Erik Mookhoek (finance) / LinkedIn
— Kommerz (branding, marketing strategy and editorial design) /

Marleen van Wijngaarden Founder / Artistic director

Lotte van den Bergh Project manager / business leader

Iris Hagel Production manager

Kommerz Identity, strategy, editorial design

Indra Gleizde Production assistant

Elias / Herman Brood Production manager street projects

vacancy Communications officer vacancy

Would you like to join our team?

We are always looking for enthusiastic interns and freelancers who want to contribute to our organization. Submit your open application here, or see below for the vacancies currently available.

Murals Inc. is an inclusive organization and aims for a diverse workforce that reflects our society. Therefore, our vacancies are explicitly open to everyone, regardless of origin, background, belief or conviction, gender identity, sexual orientation, or physical abilities.

Current vacancies:
Marketing & Communications intern

Lotte (left) at work in front of a wall painting
regular friendly wall talks

Information about Murals Inc. Foundation

— Statutory name: Murals Inc. Foundation
— Registered office: Municipality of Burgh-Haamstede
— Articles of Association (statuten): Insights below
— Chamber of Commerce (KvK) number: 65509099
— RSIN/tax number: 856141069
— IBAN: NL25TRIO019830679
— Visiting address: 31 Piekstraat, 3071EL Rotterdam


— Marleen van Wijngaarden (managing director) / Creative director Murals Inc.
— Annemartine van Kesteren (chairman) / Curator of contemporary design Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
— Reinhard van de Poll (treasurer) / Managing Director at Van Houdt & Partners; an office for administrative, fiscal and corporate legal services
— Danielle van Zuijlen (secretary) / Artistic coordinator Kunsthal Gent, sparring partner in the cultural sector
— Carla Klein (general board member) / Visual artist / painter

The foundation is governed according to the one-tier model, with one executive director-manager and four non-executive directors. The board meets four times a year. The non-executive directors constitute a 'remote' board, meaning they have an advisory role regarding policy and a supervisory role regarding the (financial and substantive) realization and business operations.

The board does not receive remuneration for its activities. Executive director Marleen van Wijngaarden also serves as the managing director. As part of the management team, she receives remuneration for executing daily business operations and management activities. This remuneration complies with the WNT legislation.

Associations of Interest

Murals Inc. is a member of ‘De Zaak Nu’ an association of interests for institutions for contemporary visual art in the Netherlands.

Murals Inc. is a member of NVTC (Nederlandse Vereniging Toezicht Cultuur) the association aims to make supervision within the Dutch cultural sector more effective and better.

Murals Inc. Agency

Murals Inc. Foundation values cultural entrepreneurship and therefore aims to create more independence from government subsidies. In order to support the artistic activities of Murals Inc. Foundation, both inside and outside its exhibition space, Murals Inc. Agency was founded. Murals Inc. Agency is a productionhouse for contemporary murals and realizes commissioned art works for clients, both private and business.

Information about Murals Inc. Agency

— Statutory name: Murals Inc. Agency
— Branch number: 000015700526
— Chamber of Commerce (KvK) number: 24468131
— RSIN/tax number:
— Visiting address: 31 Piekstraat, 3071EL Rotterdam