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Office for contemporary murals

Murals Inc. is an agency for contemporary murals. We consider mural painting in all its multiformity to be an important art form and are scrutinized by us for that reason. Nothing escapes our attention when the combination of paint / spray paint and wall has ever become a unity. The significance of a mural is so great for many reasons that non-commitment to the medium is no longer tenable.

Murals Inc. makes a case for murals in outdoor spaces that do not directly reveal themselves. Work that puts the viewer's imagination to the test.

Here you can learn about murals in different ways: through the art stage Murals Inc. (office). This stage is located at Feijenoord, Rotterdam, Piekstraat 31. We show a mural show based on a theme every four months in our 600 m2 space. The themes emphasize movements and painting styles so that they gain significance. Because we are broadly oriented, cross-connections arise between many painterly expressions, from Urban Art to Public Murals and from Text-Based Art to (Post)Graffiti. And through mural painting projects that manifest themselves both indoors and outdoors in the form of satellite exhibitions. During these projects or satellite exhibitions, attention is drawn to innovation, research, context and power of form. Because our wall specialists have also provided many a wall / tunnel / viaduct with a permanent painting in the public space, these can also be visited. Via this site the locations will be indicated.

We hope to welcome you wherever our painters land! We also thank our partners for their trust in our organization.

Marleen van Wijngaarden Founder / Artistiek leider

Iris Hagel Productieleider

Elias / Herman Brood Productieleider straatprojecten

Indra Gleizde Fotografie / Productieassistent

Kommerz Identiteit, strategie, redactioneel ontwerp

Erik Mookhoek Financiële administratie