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‘Tiny Murals’


1 Jan 2019-24 Apr 2024
‘Tiny Murals’, Andrea Radai. Location: Zaaiersweg, Amsterdam

Private commission for a mural by Andrea Radai

Murals Inc. was approached to advise on the purchase of a mural in a residential home. After a visit and a conversation in which several options were run through, the owner of the residential home ultimately chose two murals by Andrea Radai.

Andrea Radai (b. 1964, Budapest, Hungary) creates tiny murals with oil paint. These beautiful miniatures, measuring 6 x 8 cm, are based on found footage images. These images can also be distilled from the client’s photo archive. However, Andrea Radai makes her own selection from the archive, as she must be touched by the atmosphere, content and underlying emotions. She translates the selected material into an oil painting on a wall, where the choice of location is never simply taken for granted. Small hidden pearls. Not ostentatiously present, but the moment you discover them, they fill the entire space.

The owner of the property was extremely charmed by the two scenes from her childhood, in which old photographs were recreated.

‘Tiny Mural’, Andrea Radai (2019), 6 x 8 cm, Zaaiersweg, Amsterdam
‘Tiny Mural’, Andrea Radai (2019), 6 x 8 cm, Zaaiersweg, Amsterdam