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15 Jan 2018-14 May 2024
‘Wall-Concept’, Sigmund de Jong. Location: The Coachhouse, Wijnhaven, Rotterdam

The direction of The Coachhouse asked Murals Inc. after they moved into the building on the Wijnhaven for an abstract mural in the stairwell. They preferred the abstract minimalist work of Sigmund de Jong.

The basis of Sigmund de Jong’s work is the search for a constructive dialogue. He seeks not so much the 'image' that distinguishes, but the 'image' that connects. In this case, the very dominant staircase and the two identities (upstairs vs. downstairs) was the starting point. Downstairs, to intensify / compensate for the entire area, de Jong chose a very present green ‘color volume’. The white line applied therein connects the already present line pattern of the architecture. The upper floor, on the other hand, has a different function and a much more subdued identity. The modest color choice containing two minimal accents gives meaning and a sense of unity is created.

Het Coachhuis / Seven Fields, Wijnhaven 36, Rotterdam

‘Wall-Concept’, bovenverdieping, Sigmund de Jong (2018)
‘Wall-Concept’, Sigmund de Jong (2018)
‘Wall-Concept’, Sigmund de Jong (2018)