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‘Wall 636’


5 Apr 2018-14 May 2024
‘Wall 636’, André Smits / Artist In The World. Locatie: Gouvernestraat, Rotterdam

The idea for ‘Wall 636’ came about over the years. Every time André had his hair cut at his hairdresser Monti in the Gouvernestraat, the conversation turned to the wall right next to the barbershop, something had to be done. Many rebellious plans passed the review, but when building Den Held got a new owner, one phone call was enough to convince Egbert, of VIOS Vastgoed, that this wall is ideally suited for a mural.

Never Ending Art Trip / 4198 photos / 2008-2018

Rotterdam is the starting point of the Artist In The World series. The idea for this trip originated during an Artist in Residence at Kunst & Complex. The very first photograph of an artist photographed on the back within the context of his/her workspace was made on May 8, 2008, in Stephan Gross’ studio. Because this year marked André’s 10th anniversary on the road, he wanted to display on the wall all the names of artists and others within the art world that he photographed only in Rotterdam. It’s 636 names. In his unmistakable idiom on this central 10 x 5 meter wall, he has paid tribute to Rotterdam's rich array of artists.

Location: Gouvernestraat building ‘Den Held’

‘Wall 636’ is generously supported by: SW Weide, Marieke van der Lippe, Marjolijn van der Assem, Lisa Couwenbergh, Kuin Heuff, Leonard van Rhijn, Anton Vrede, Anuli Croon, Jenna Tas, Raoul Deleo, Ron van der Ende, Katrijn Verstegen, Luuk Smits, Schilte & Portielje, Duotuin Tom Mosman & Margriet Essink, Efrat Zehavi, Joannes Hoes, Marcel Prins, Berry Koedam RAM-ART, Toonzaal Foundation, JMF Grevelink, LM Heuts, A Weinberg, WvDulmen, MC Wolzak, Yvonne van de Griendt, Piet van Wijngaarden, Woody van Amen, Montie Middelkoop, Maja Zomer, Anne Ramsair, HGAM De Bont, Inge van Haastert, Wim Gijzen, ML Goossen, Iris Cornelis, Mia van der Burg, Hans Withoos, JME van Dongen, Margi Geerlinks, M de Reuver, Ditty Ketting, Odrada Burghoorn, Marianne Fontein, Ton van Os, MA van Rijn, DG van der Meer, DP de Graaf, M de Jongh van Dael, BF Isings, Han Goan Lim, HM Middelkoop, Ralph van Meijgaard.

‘Wall 636’, André Smits / Artist In The World (2018)
‘Wall 636’, André Smits / Artist In The World (2018)
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