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5 Dec-5 Dec 2022
Featured: Ivonne Dippmann

New talented muralists are regularly added to our artist database. The database forms a platform from which Murals Inc. draws regarding projects, commissions and exhibitions.

Door de veelheid aan opdrachten, projecten en tentoonstellingen is het belangrijk voor Murals Inc. om een goed zicht te hebben op een breed scala aan muurschildertalenten.

Ivonne Dippmann, 'Von Gipfel zu Gipfel, über flammende Vulkane I', Photo: Hanne Brandt
Ivonne Dippmann
Ivonne Dipmann
Ivonne Dippmann
Ivonne Dippmann
'Hoch am Himmel schlief ich ruhig'

Ivonne Dippmann

Since 2008 Ivonne Dippmann has been living and working between Berlin and Tel Aviv. Over a period of almost ten years Tel Aviv became home and a second skin. Working as a professional artist worldwide she holds a Master and Meisterschüler in Visual Communication and Experimental Media Design as well as a Master in Fine Arts from Bezalel, Tel Aviv. Based on her interdisciplinary attitude and educational background the strength and uniqueness of her visual language lies in juggling between these very worlds. Be it site-specific murals, illustrations, large-scale paintings, collages, art books or the poetics of documenting space, Dippmanns curiosity never comes to rest.