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17 May-30 Jun 2022
Incubate – ‘Tunneling’, Students: Amy Mansveld, Mas Koenders, Max Koetzier, Sanne Tamerus and Bastiaan ten Hoorn. Location: Murals Inc., Rotterdam

As part of Incubate, Murals Inc. is hosting Amy Mansveld, Mas Koenders, Max Koetzier, Sanne Tamerus and Bastiaan ten Hoorn until the end of June, who will work to bring the exhibition ‘Tunneling’ to the attention of specific target groups. On this page they will report their findings through images and text.


HKU has set up Incubate as a learning/working path for the second-year students of the Art and Economics program. This means that students are given the opportunity to complete a project within 20 weeks and thus develop their entrepreneurial skills. These include perseverance, creativity, performance orientation, strategic ability and flexibility. All skills that are put to the ultimate test in practice. The projects can vary from proposing your own assignment to starting your own business or working for a client. Through guided lessons and coaching conversations, students will learn how to bring a project to fruition. We aim to use Incubate to narrow the gap between studies and the work field.

One hundred and fifty second-year Art and Economics students will put their creative, economic and organizational skills to work for a variety of clients in 30 multidisciplinary teams.


Incubate will start in April 2022. Incubate is an educational module for second-year Art and Economics students at the HKU in Utrecht. After several fictional or thematic projects in previous semesters, students can now really get to work in the field.

Students choose a client project, write a motivation letter to the program, are assigned by teachers, form a team and then start working on the assignment of an external client for eight weeks under the guidance of a coach and an intervisor.


The HKU slogan is the “new connections, new applications”. With the Incubate program, we connect the creative power of student teams to all kinds of assignments in the cultural field. Here we work with you in a future-oriented way on your organization, further development of your cultural offering, current issues from your organization, and so on. In addition, the cultural managers, entrepreneurs and connectors of the future get the chance to further develop their knowledge within a practical scenario.

On Tuesday, May 17, the ‘Incubate’ project team met again at Murals Inc. They came by to write their project plan for the coming week. The team also had a nice chat with Marleen. Who, by the way, also provided the little group with a sumptuous lunch (it tasted good). It was a productive day and plans were made about things like content shoots, press approach and merchandising. The four of us sat at a conference table today that would be the envy of Putin. Max unfortunately couldn’t be there, he was still on vacation. Next time he will be there, three shades browner.

Projectteam in front of wall painting by Kim van Norren
‘THIS IS ELIAN...’ DOOR MAX KOETZIER (INCUBATE TEAM). Max Koetzier one of the 'incubate' participants captured Elian Chali's painting process on the Dutmala tunnel on film. Murals Inc. is very pleased with the result.