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Big Art 2022


23 Jun-26 Jun 2022
Big Art 2022, ‘Augustina’, Martinus Papilaja / Andre HZS / @saya__deya. Location: Het Hembrug, Zaandam

Murals Inc. continues the tradition; Martinus has created big mural ‘Augustina’ 5th in a row at Big Art 2022.

Martinus Papilaja 1988, a 2018 Fine Arts Artez Arnhem graduate, is a multidisciplinary artist. He makes ballpoint pen drawings, tattoos and large murals that can be seen as a kind of abstract graffiti. His formal language is complex and organic. His pens, brushes, or spray cans proliferate across paper, wall, or skin, as intuitive patterns of language and drawing. Martinus is fascinated by graffiti; where does the urge and need come from to want to leave your (writer's) name (tag) everywhere. He explores visual expansion from that urge. And what is possible in terms of visual language without cutting the link to the origin and meaning of graffiti. In addition to his visual work, he also creates exhibitions.

Andre Hzs, ‘Augustina‘, shot / cut: potatoandonion
Martinus Papilaja / Andre HZS
Mural ‘Augustina‘ at BIG ART 2022
working at ‘Augustina‘
Martinus Papilaja / Andre HZS
mural ‘Augustina‘, foto: potatoandonion
well organized