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‘The Seed’


24 Feb-29 Feb 2020
‘Het Zaad’, Babette Kleijn. Location: Bloklandstraat, 1e Pijnackerstraat, Oude Noorden, Rotterdam

On the facade of the housing block Noordbest phase II, an empty space is situated. A plane of: 4867 x 2196 mm with a frame. Traditionally, these niches are intended as a place for advertising. In modern times, they are often used for art displays in the form of murals. These paintings contribute to a special atmosphere in the neighborhood.

RUOFF Architects, the architect of the residential block and Woonstad client, approached Murals Inc. to ask if the firm could do something for the empty space on the building. Of course, we were excited because this unused space is a very rewarding object for contemporary artist, especially those who specialize in murals.

In consultation with Woonstad Rotterdam and RUOFF Architects, Murals Inc. Petra van Noort, Babette Kleijn and the duo Naamlooozz & Nnamari proposed a sketch design for the blindnis. After putting together an ad hoc committee consisting of local residents, among others, a final choice was made from the three designs. Beforehand, the designs were explained by the artists in the form of presentations and workshops.

The final choice fell on the design ‘The Seed’ by Babette Kleijn.

Babette Kleijn

For the Blindnis on Bloklandstraat, Babette Kleijn created an airy sculpture that can almost pass as a blank page in which you can write your own story. The minimal symbolism in the sculpture looks calm, light and clear. The use of iron elements in the stripe section (the centerpiece) creates an optical depth effect. And by retaining the gray plastered carpet pad, Babette expects a living and appealing whole. A fascinating interplay with different materials.

‘The Seed’, Babette Kleijn (2020). Photo: Bob Goedewaagen
‘Het Zaad’, Babette Kleijn (2020). Photo: Bob Goedewaagen
‘Het Zaad’, sketch, Babette Kleijn (2020)
‘Het Zaad’, Babette Kleijn (2020)
‘Het Zaad’, in process
‘Het Zaad’, in process
‘Het Zaad’
in process
Oude Noorden