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17 Mar-10 Apr 2023
Art Central Rotterdam XL, ‘DEUR3: TRANSITION’, Kenneth Letsoin / Naamlooozz. Location: Baanhof, Rotterdam

Art Central Rotterdam XL – Art Weekend

From 17 to 19 March 2023, the city of Rotterdam was all about contemporary art and culture during Art Central Rotterdam XL. A cultural event where 36 art spaces and institutions in Rotterdam simultaneously opened their doors to offer a full programme of activities that were free to the public.

Central exhibition at Baanhof

The central exhibition ‘SUBJECT: TRANSITION’ curated by curator Anna Buyvid with artworks from all art spaces, aimed to reflect on transitions in the broadest sense of the word.

Murals Inc's visual contribution to Baanhof naturally involved a mural. We were assigned a rather obscure ‘broom cupboard’ where the painting could be realised. And who else can handle obscure locations better than Kenneth Letsoin / Naamlooozz. Right at the entrance on the left, you could find ‘DOOR3: TRANSITION’ by his hand.

Kenneth Letsoin / Naamlooozz
ACR XL / Baanhof