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Big Art 2022


4 Nov-6 Nov 2022
Big Art 2022, ‘Double composition’, 3TWINS. Location: Bajeskwartier, Amsterdam

About the work 

In a global sense, the work of 3TWINS is an attempt to rethink the relationship between visual art and the urban environment in which modern people exist. The individual style was formed under the impression of industrial architecture and industrial objects, the compositions are created in the logic of architectural thinking: all elements – pipes, fragments of stairs, or building structures – are subject to the principles of architectonics and proportionality of the parts of the whole.

The starting point for the creation of any composition is the context of the place, all there works are site-specific: they relate and interact with the surrounding landscape at the level of forms, volumes, textures, silhouettes, and color solutions. The contrast of urban space, where outdated, dilapidated buildings and new construction, natural and artificial textures, and different-scale infrastructure coexist in one ecosystem, is one of the central themes for which they seek visualization in there art and in dialogue with the city.

In recent years, the attention of 3TWINS has been drawn to the organics of the digital environment: we take elements from digital space and transfer them to physical reality, superimposing digital layers on surfaces and objects from the environment. When combining these layers, we apply a visual approach that dissonances with the usual visual perception of the environment and create a qualitatively new experience of the visual experience of spaces.

Visitor Information

Dates: Friday November 4th until Sunday November 6th 2022.
Open: Daily 10 am – 6 pm.
Tickets: € 12,50 kids under 12 years free access.

Tickets are for sale online here and during the event, you can also buy your tickets at the entrance. Location: Bajeskwartier, H.J.E. Wenckenbachkwartier 48, 1096 AH Amsterdam. Contact:

3TWINS, 'Double Composition' at BIG ART 2022
3TWINS, 'Double Composition' at BIG ART 2022
'Double Composition' at BIG ART 2022
Selfie with Yuri
Invitation ‘Double composition’
Pipes. Work at the city center of culture in the city of Neftekamsk
Neftekamsk, Bashkortostan Republic, Russia (2021)