Murals Inc. (office) · Piekstraat 31, Rotterdam · OPEN DURING OFFICE HOURS

‘(real) humans’


23 Mar-5 Jul 2021
‘(real) humans’

(real) humans

The human being as thematic starting point expresses the mission of Murals Inc.; a search via the great art historical (street) themes for movements, genres, stylistic characteristics, (sub)cultural backgrounds, art historical frameworks, developments and trends relating to all forms of mural art as well as the context in which they are applied. The participating artists in '(real) humans' depict through a variety of murals that which man is. For real.

Participants: Willehad Eilers / Wayne Horse, Lisa Couwenbergh, Anan Striker, Andrea Radai, Marisa Rappard, Ruben Topia, Frans Franciscus, Ricardo van Zwol

‘(real) humans’, the movie, Camera & editing: Indra Gleizde, Music: Field Recording Robert Kroos
'GIRL VII', Lisa Couwenbergh (2021), acrylic paint on wall, 450 x 270 cm. Photo: Indra GLEIZDE

Lisa Couwenbergh

Since 2018, Lisa Couwenbergh has been working on an intriguing series of paintings called GIRL I, II, III, IV, V, and VI. The painting ‘GIRL VII’ at Murals Inc. (office), is the first to be installed on a wall and, due to its size, has a great impact on the space. The hushed image adds a mystical dimension to the fierce universe by which it is surrounded.

‘Alle Gegen Alle’, Willehad Eilers / WayneHorse (2021), acrylic paint om wall, 1400 x 400 cm. Photo: Indra Gleizde

Willehad Eilers / Wayne Horse

In an eight-hour performance, Willehad Eilers / Wayne Horse created the mural ‘Alle Gegen Alle’. A fight scene of enormous scale in which any orientation of clashing parties fades and gives way to a chaos of individuals stomping and punching left and right.

‘Mombakkes’, Anan Striker, acrylic, lacquer and oil pastel on wall, 700 x 300 cm. Photo: Indra Gleizde

Anan Striker

Striker took the mombakkes (mom = disguise, bakkes = face) as a starting point and, with an eye on his childhood heroes, intuitively and organically painted (non-) fictional figures on the wall.


‘Heroes / Anti-Heroes’, Andrea Radai (2021), oil on wall 6 x 8 cm x 14 pieces. Photo: Indra Gleizde
‘Heroes / Anti-Heroes’, Andrea Radai (2021)
‘Heroes / Anti-Heroes’, Andrea Radai (2021)
‘Heroes / Anti-Heroes’, Andrea Radai (2021)
‘Heroes / Anti-Heroes’, Andrea Radai (2021)

Andrea Radai

Andy Warhol, UN diplomats soccer players and their supporters. Depending on the context, they can be heroes or anti-heroes, but the dividing line is blurred. By painting miniatures of these figures on the columns that intersect the space of Murals Inc. (office), Andrea Radai draws attention to the boundary itself. 'Heroes / Anti-Heroes' is part of the 'Souvenirs' series in which Andrea Radai works with the interaction between miniatures and their surroundings. Here, the size of the paintings works ls a medium in itself.

‘Ephemeral Hallway’, Marisa Rappard (2021), Acrylic paint, Pastel on paint, 1080 x 340 cm

Marisa Rappard

In ‘Ephemeral Hallway’, Marisa Rappard’s contribution to ‘(real) humans’, at first glance you see an abstract play with repetitive forms. Only when you discover an arm or leg does it become clear that they are human figures. Silhouettes move through a series of anonymous rooms reminiscent of a palace of mirrors, as online representations of people moving through the Cloud.

‘BACK TO BLACK II’, Frans Franciscus (2021), Acrylic paint on wall, 100 x 120 cm.

Frans Franciscus

The mural of Francis is an enlargement of one of his paintings. He chose this portrait to create, within the limited time, a human figure that was “larger than life” and adds inclusivity to the show. The portrait was inspired by Memling (1430-1494). He combined it with an image of an African man decorating himself with flowers. He provided him with a costume by Armani to create a cultural clash.

‘Meditation.JPG’, Ruben Topia (2021), Acrylic paint on wall, 340 x 300 cm.

Ruben Topia

A real human being lives with an open heart. What is the point of living 100 years with a closed heart? We live in an information age where our attention is played with. I portray a person who finds his own personal order in a world of chaos. A real person is able to dream. In relation to the other works in the exhibition, my design is playful and portrays a character doing his own thing, outside the chaos of what is going on in the world.

‘Happy Girls’, Ricardo Van Zwol (2021), ACRYLIC PAINT ON WALL, 190 x 300 cm.

Ricardo Van Zwol

The happy faces exude strength and zest for life. The use of colors makes it seem as if the sun is shining in their faces. They radiate this energy back with a smile. Green is the color of life and nature.

Anan Striker
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