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1 Jan-4 Mar 2024
Featured: Soemone

Featured: Soemone

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Pierre Soemone (1983) discovered graffiti at the age of 13, in Brittany, marking the start of an all-consuming passion that he practiced day and night for over 15 years. After these years of pure graffiti, Pierre developed a new approach to his painting to help his practice evolve. He asserts a more personal vision, abandoning the illustrative and decorative dimension of lettering derived from "New York" graffiti in favor of a more abstract, raw, organic and direct approach.

He draws inspiration from multiple, diametrically opposed universes that have marked him consciously and unconsciously throughout his life. Abstract expressionism, cholos, graffiti erasures and street photography. He reconstructs his vision of contemporary urban painting and gives life to singular, more monumental pictorial productions.

His aesthetic research leads him to use new materials, and he even makes his own tools: garden sprayers, floor cloths, multiple brushes that he superimposes and other tools officially dedicated to the world of heavy-duty work.

This approach, driven by a constant search for new aesthetics, leaves room for accident, giving his creativity a great deal of freedom.