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5 years


12 Feb-12 Feb 2023
Murals Inc. 5 years!

Murals Inc. 5 years!

Murals Inc. was founded on January 1, 2018, entering its 6th year in 2023. An anniversary requires us to reflect on the past years and what a lot has happened. So many beautiful exhibitions, projects and commissions have been realized since then that it is easy to forget how much work had to be done to achieve these extraordinary results. Great efforts have been made by the artists in the first place. But also by assistants and production staff and of course the artistic director, who very often deviated from her artistic task and just kept things running. We are also happy and grateful for the trust that clients and sponsors gave us, which enabled us to do what we had to do. And, of course, the public that knows how to find us in ever-increasing numbers and has begun to follow us.

An anniversary also requires us to look forward. And look ahead we can; exciting projects and exhibitions are in the pipeline both in our beautiful space on the Piekstraat and in beautiful Rotterdam and beyond. These new perspectives require a lot of effort, fortunately we have been able to build up a strong team over time, allowing us to continue to meet our quality standards. Our vision on murals makes our position unique, in the coming years we will further develop and propagate this vision in order to contribute to a broad understanding of the most fascinating art form there is.

Never could Murals Inc. have grown to what it is, without the tremendous hospitality and helpfulness of the architectural firm where Murals Inc. is located: Convexarchitects. The interaction between art and architecture is felt on many levels, our product could not have found a better home. A company that is so committed to art is very valuable in these times.

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